New Year; New Beginnings

 It is a new year, and with a new year comes new year’s resolutions. We all have to think of things in our lives we’d like to really change. Some of us claim the usual, “I’m going to lose x amount of pounds,” or the good old, “I’m going to work less so I can be closer to my family.” Granted, most resolutions are made in a drunken haze in which everyone wants to better themselves more than each other. But for once wouldn’t we like to make a resolution we know we can actually stick with? How about making a resolution that instead of changing who we are (by appearance) for others, but to just be ourselves. Maybe we should instead try to improve who we are to be the best possible version of ourselves? Because frankly, I find myself pretty awesome, and you should too.  So this year let’s work on being ourselves. Let’s have fun, try new things; let our true selves shine. Do things that excite and improve ourselves:


anywhere you haven’t been before. A new country, a new state, a new city. Is there some type of festival a few towns over that sounds interesting? Get out of your comfort zone and take a trip to learn new customs. See what it’s like on the other side; learn new traditions, taste new food, culture yourself. You might like what you see.

Try something new. Anything.


 Always wanted to learn a certain language? How about wanting to learn how to ski, or sew, or even something simple like baking certain desserts? Set your goal on something that truly peaks your interest enough that you won’t quit halfway through. Set aside time (yes, we all have hectic schedules, but time can be found somewhere) to accomplish these goals. Not only will you learn better time management, but you’ll be learning something new and having fun in the process. Just think of how accomplished you’ll feel when you’ve finally mastered that hard yoga move, or how delicious that dish tastes knowing you made it from scratch.


 Don’t just donate money and think that you’re done. Donate your TIME. Volunteering is one of the greatest experiences you will ever have. You don’t have to go to Africa or build houses in New Orleans. There are volunteering options everywhere; local soup kitchens, charity events,  children’s hospitals, and nursing homes that are always looking for visitors and helpers for events and holidays. The experience will change your life. Not only will you appreciate your own life by seeing how the other half lives, but you’ll learn there is always someone who has it worse. You’ll learn never to mistreat or belittle any stranger because you don’t know what their situation might be. And the joy you bring to these strangers faces is the most beautiful and powerful image you will ever witness.

So let’s resolve this year to better ourselves by being ourselves, and doing things that’ll only improve us. Throw out these ridiculous resolutions to make ourselves look better for others and that just really make us feel like utter crap. Let’s take this new year and show everyone how awesome we really are. Good luck, I’ll be with you the whole way!


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