When Will Enough Be Enough?

I was just thinking today on all the different forms of “mental illness/diseases.” We live in a world where people are constantly being diagnosed with ridiculous amounts of mental “illnesses,” but are they really sick at all? They say kids who just don’t want to concentrate on homework have ADD. Or is it the fact they are children with parents who would rather blame an illness than teach their kids some discipline? People having a few bad days are considered “depressed”. Why can’t people just be sad for a day without drugs being crammed down their throat? I understand completely when someone is truly depressed, and they do need immediate help. But can’t a person just be sad, and that be OK? You like your house to look a certain way? You must have OCD. I didn’t realize I can’t just like to know where my things are. Why the sudden rush to drug everyone up without trying to look for a better way to handle things? Have we really gotten to the point where we have to blame everything we do on an “illness” instead of taking a good look at ourselves? Pretty soon the entire world will be so high on prescription drugs people won’t even be able to recognize themselves in the mirror. Maybe they won’t want to. People will all be so oblivious, maybe they won’t care. Ignorance is bliss, right? Why try and solve our own problems when there’s a drug that can help? I’m not saying that mental illness isn’t real, or that it isn’t a very important subject matter. All I’m saying is when is enough going to be enough? When will history repeat itself so we can all go back to the times when we actually didn’t blame an illness, and actually worked through our own problems?


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